Google Webmaster Tool Update : Speed Report

By | December 3, 2009

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Hello Friends,

To-day, Google has roll out one more change in Google Webmaster tool. As we know recently, Google has implemented the Caffeine changes in one data center, now Google seems updating its data to spread a word about importance on Web page speed/load time in Google SERP.

Google Webmaster Tool Update : Speed Report

To-day, I was just checking up my Webmaster account & noticed one more update by Google that is Web page Speed report with details. Please refer the below image.

Google updated webmaster tool with Speed report

Google Webmaster Tool Update : Speed Report

As you can see in the image, The Web page speed has been monitored since long but now its a part of SERP criteria. So, How we can use this details for SEO ?

Speed Report & SEO

Well, This provides few insights for webmasters, for example, he might be aware of changes done on the site & similarly can see the difference in this report. As you can see in the graph that, with improved number of NEW visitors, the chart improves. Similarly, with high images & flash implementation, the load speed graph decreases. These are the few examples for this blog, but this can be different for different websites. But, objective is to observe this graph, analyze & update the web page based on the suggestions given by Google itself.

To test the Speed , Google provides the plugin by which we can check out each page & analyze the speed for each page, it also give suggestions to improve the load time.

But importantly, till now, SPEED / LOAD TIME is not a criteria & heavy flash websites are also ranking good on Google SERP, but with this update, it will be interesting to see that, whether BRAND websites which uses heavy flash will get affected in Google SERP or not ?

What do you think ? Have you analyzed the SPEED REPORT of your website ? How much do think this report will help us in designing the SEO strategy ? Awaiting for some interesting thoughts & comments 🙂

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