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By | November 30, 2009

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Hello Friends,

I was just checking the new updates by Google in this Thanksgiving Holiday season and found some interesting updates by one of my favorite blog, Google Watch. Google is secretly experimenting its new Google Search User Interface. I really like it. It gives lot of options & seems attractive to me. It seems that, this is a new Google Thanksgiving Gift to its users 😛

Explore New Google Search User Interface

Please have a look at the following,

New Google Search User Interface

New Google Search User Interface

The above image shows the New User Interface of Google Search. Google has also update its inner SERP page & looks more attractive. Have a look at below image.

Google's new SERP user interface

New Google SERP page user interface

Seems attractive to me, How about you ?


I know , the answer is YES, but the next question is “HOW”

Well, its simple, just open in your browser (I have tried it in FF) and then just paste the following Java script & hit the GO button. (Enter). It will take you to the new Google user interface. (If it didn’t work, plz see the comments, clear steps mentioned in comments section)


Just try it out & share your thoughts & experience here in the comment section, would love to hear from you guys 🙂

Happy Googling 🙂

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