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Social Media Marketing. In these category, post will be mostly related to social media optimization tips & techniques. Social Media is emerging as great traffic & business leads generating medium. Its high time to integrate Social Media in SEO strategy.

LinkedIn updates on Short URL

By | May 19, 2016

Innovative SEO : Learn & Share All About Inbound Marketing Hello Readers, Ok, so today’s blog post is about LinkedIn change for short URL. I am sure, by now, you all are aware about the new LinkedIn policy updates related to LinkedIn groups & new changes to your linkedIn profile. But, I am prety sure… Read More »

URL Shortening Service : The Otherside of business

By | March 11, 2010

Innovative SEO : Learn & Share All About SEO Hello Friends, In the morning, I was reading one of the online newsletter which I have subscribed to get updated with the industry news. It was basically a marketing newsletter which logically described the reason to buy a product, but the arguments have inspired me enough… Read More »

Social Media Monitoring : Whos talking

By | March 2, 2010

Innovative SEO : Learn & Share All About SEO Hello Friends, To-day I came across an amazing site which enables us to measure / monitor the social media impact on specific keyword/ services /products. As we know that,Search Industry always keep improving, 10 years back ,we were talking about Google, then industry move one step… Read More »

LinkedIn Update : New Interface & Tools

By | December 4, 2009

Well, One thing I have observed since last couple of days that, various popular social media channels are bringing up lot more updates & changes in their existing setup be it, faclight, twitter addon by LinkedIn, new user interface by LinkedIn – facebook, Twitter – LinkedIn & wordpress – Twitter-Yahoo Buzz integration for sharing updates or even Google Social Search. Seems, Social media will going to influence the Search Industry in a major way. Technology keeps changing but the way Social Media is changing up & gearing in speed, it is like NEVER BEFORE, SEO & Social media practitioners like you & me have to work hard (smartly) now to keep up with these updates & adopt it before they go away.