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By | December 29, 2009

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Hello Friends,

I am back to ever changing search industry. Oh, some of you might wonder by the word I have use “I am back”, well, since last few days I was living in the different world 🙂 well don’t get me wrong, I got married in this month of December & enjoyed the honeymoon in average 2-3 C temperature, but it was really amazing cause of 2 reasons, first, I am with my better half & second, I am close to nature (realizing the beauty of creations by GOD, well Did I mentioned that I am religious too :P) Anyways, so I was in totally different world & now I am back to the world of SEARCH.

I was just going through the updates I have missed in last 3 weeks in the search industry, few of things were noticed, may be few I missed but overall no major update in this month. Well, this allowed me to go back to my old passion & interest i.e. Web Analytics. I have noticed that, few time back, there is a new buzz word going on in the filed of web analytics and that is , Web Analytics 2.0. So, To-day I just would like to share my few thoughts on Web Analytics 2.0

Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking the Traditional Analytics Approach

Before I move ahead, let me tell you that, the concept of Web Analytics 2.0 is basically the outcome of a book by Avinash Kaushik. I am a big fan of Avinash & love the way he explains the complications of analytics in a simple way. You can refer his new book on Webanalytics 2.0 here.

Avinash explains the Web Analytics 2.0 in three easy steps,

  1. Web Analytics 2.0 is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition,
  2. Web Analytics 2.0 is to drive a continual improvement of the online experience of your customers and prospects,
  3. Web Analytics 2.0 is something which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline)

Well, this is simple yet little bit confusing for those who are not much aware about analytics terminology. The following image will explain the concept in much easier way.

Web Analytics 2.0 concept

Web Analytics 2.0

Well, In a one line, What I can say is, Web Analytics 2.0 is all about “Mindset”, think next, think different, think outcome that’s the concept of Web analytics 2.0

Till now, we used to do analysis of click stream, Visitor segmentation, Landing pages, Exit pages, traffic source, top referrals, goal conversion, page views & time on site. These all will give us data which is already there. May be more details to identify & focused approach on marketing which sells more. But, if you have noticed, in last few months, Google have updated Google Analytics & provided many new features which includes metrics analysis, custom reports, advance segments and Intelligence. Well, these tools is to help webmasters to get more actionable data/ actionable analysis for the site to improve the ROI.

I understand, this is more kind of theoretical, but in the next post I will share few real examples to show the practical implementation of this concept. A simple way is, think from business point of view, listen to visitors and analyze the competition, these will give you much more then what you are doing right now. For more details, you can refer the Web Analytics blog by Avinash Kaushik.

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