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Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Google, Web Analytics | Posted on 19-05-2016

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Hello Friends,

Recently, I have come across a real time challenge to track a really important data in Google Analytics. One of my client has a website which offers Online Application From in PDF Format & One has to download it, fill it & send back on given email id. Now, here, for Client, its really important to know that how many people have downloaded the PDF ? There are 3 application forms, so comparison metrics for all 3, Geography details, Traffic channel details for Downloads & many more. But, everything can be available if we are able to track when PDF get downloaded by a visitor. So, to-day’s blog post is all about How to track PDF download in Google Analytics.

How to Track PDF Download in GA :

There are 2 ways we can track PDF download in Google Analytics.

  1. Generate Virtual Pageviews when someone downloads PDF
  2. Set & track Events when someone downloads PDF

Normally, Its really helpful to track PDF downloads as Event. This give you flexibility to categorize & Label the events as per the nature of download.  Beside this, one can look at the source & various metrics available in Google Analytics to trace the individual download as well.  So, to Set & Track event for each & every PDF download, you need to implement following code.

You need to call Track Event in your Google Analytics code.

_trackEvent(category, action, label (Optional), value (optional), noninteraction (optional))

  • category (required) : The name you supply for the group of PDF/Objects you want to track.
  • action (required) : A term used to define the type of user interaction for the web object. (For ex. Downloade/ played)
  • label (optional) : An optional string to provide additional dimensions to the event data. (For ex. Name of PDF file)
  • value (optional) : An integer that you can use to provide numerical data about the user event. (For ex. 1% of course fees)
  • non-interaction (optional) : A boolean that when set to true, indicates that the event hit will not be used in bounce-rate calculation.

Example of Simple Code :
<a href=”#” onClick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘PDF’, ‘Downloaded’, ‘SEO Course App Form’]);”>SEO Course App Form</a>

Reporting :
Once event tracking has been set up and working on your site for a day, then you can go to the Content section of the reports in Google Analytics and view Event Tracking. In the above case, the reports for Events would show PDF as the Category, Downloaded as the Action, and SEO Course App Form as the Label.

With this method, you can track,
  • PDF
  • Documents
  • VIdeo Download
  • Video Play/Pause Events
  • Songs Download event & more

But then, again, here is the challenge, Suppose you have a a very Big University client where there are hundreds PDF to track from millions of pages, What one should do ? Go & set the event code in each & every link ? Sound illogical right ? Well, I am researching on that & very close to solution :)

So, Stay tune, keep googling & keep reading Innovative SEO for the next post on the same topic on How to track hundreds on PDF with automated event tracking :)

Google Analytics Individual : One more achievement


Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Google, Search Engines, Web Analytics | Posted on 09-09-2010

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Hello Friends,

With all of your support & help, to-day, I have achieved one more step in the journey of Web 2.0 Business World. To-day, I have cleared the Web Analytics Individual Qualification Test by Google & secured 90% in the Test 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends & readers of Innovative SEO blog for their unconditional support & motivation till date. Without your support & word of motivation, this wouldn’t have turned a success. A BIG thank you to all of you 🙂

Google Analytics Individual

To those who are not aware about this certification, Google conduct the Online test to award this certification & charge US$ 50 as fees for this exam. As my knowledge goes, currently only 121 Google Analytics Qualified Indivudal listed bythe Google. Anyone can go & verify the person name to check his/her certification status.

Google Analytics Professional

Tips to clear GA Exam

To all my readers who are in this field & looking forward to clear the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test by Google, I would like to share few tips with you to help you achieve it with more ease & comfort. Read the rest of this entry »

Web Analytics Wednesday Ahmedabad (WAW)


Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Web Analytics | Posted on 15-03-2010

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Hello Friends,

As you all know, I am a big fan of Web Analytics & promote it to all. Many of you might be knowing that, there is an International Event called WAW (Web Analytics Wednesday) which has been started by a very well known Web Analytcis Practitioner “Eric T. Peterson. Normally, these kind of events used to be held at US, UK & Canada, but since last 2 years, We were fortunate enough to get this Event at India. Last year, the same kind of events were organized at Banglore, Chennai & Hyderabad.

And, NOW, With lot of cheers, I am happy to announce that, We got got an opportunity to get this event to our own “Ahmedabad”. This event is hosted and managed by IMJ. Internet Marketing Journal (IMJ) is a result of combined efforts by industry experts. Credit goes to my industry friends (Dipali, Kaushal & Jaydip) to organize WAW – Ahmedabad event . It will be for the first time in North-West India where such kind of events are going to be held. The agenda of this event is to share and discussion about the Role of Web Analytics Insights in the Business.

Yup, WAW- Ahmedabad sounds so good to me 🙂

I would like to invite all of you people to attend this event. We will have a great presentations during this event (Might be few speakers who have presented their knowledge in Google India seminars last year will going to speak in this event)

Please visit the below URL to send your RSVP Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media Monitoring : Whos talking


Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics | Posted on 02-03-2010

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Hello Friends,

To-day I came across an amazing site which enables us to measure / monitor the social media impact on specific keyword/ services /products. As we know that,Search Industry always keep improving, 10 years back ,we were talking about Google, then industry move one step forward to specific Directories search, then Other Search Engines & Now, we are talking about Social Media. Many companies now working towards “Brand Marketing” / “Reputation Management“. Companies & specifically Big Brands are working towards Social Media & much concerned about what people are saying about their brands. So, SEO & Web Analyst are started looking for options where they can monitor the activity & help companies to improve their identity on the web.

Social Media Monitoring : Whos talking

To-day , I just came across to this site & find it amazing. It really helps to track in majority of sites & that too “FREE”. Read the rest of this entry »

Web Analytics 2.0 : Think Different


Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Web Analytics | Posted on 29-12-2009

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Hello Friends,

I am back to ever changing search industry. Oh, some of you might wonder by the word I have use “I am back”, well, since last few days I was living in the different world 🙂 well don’t get me wrong, I got married in this month of December & enjoyed the honeymoon in average 2-3 C temperature, but it was really amazing cause of 2 reasons, first, I am with my better half & second, I am close to nature (realizing the beauty of creations by GOD, well Did I mentioned that I am religious too :P) Anyways, so I was in totally different world & now I am back to the world of SEARCH.

I was just going through the updates I have missed in last 3 weeks in the search industry, few of things were noticed, may be few I missed but overall no major update in this month. Well, this allowed me to go back to my old passion & interest i.e. Web Analytics. I have noticed that, few time back, there is a new buzz word going on in the filed of web analytics and that is , Web Analytics 2.0. So, To-day I just would like to share my few thoughts on Web Analytics 2.0

Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking the Traditional Analytics Approach

Before I move ahead, let me tell you that, the concept of Web Analytics 2.0 is basically the outcome of a book by Avinash Kaushik. I am a big fan of Avinash & love the way he explains the complications of analytics in a simple way. You can refer his new book on Webanalytics 2.0 here.

Avinash explains the Web Analytics 2.0 in three easy steps,

Read the rest of this entry »

Google Analytics Update


Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Web Analytics | Posted on 04-11-2009

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Hello Friends,

Well, Many of you might know that I am fan of Web Analytics & love to study & analyze the figures of the analytics data. There are several analytics tool, but I love Google & so Google Analytics is again one of my preferred free analytics tool. To-day, I was just checking up with updates going on in the analytics & found some interesting things & thought to share with all my readers.

Recently, Google Analytics has updated the tracking method & now, you can easily track, multiple Google Adwords account data, Even integrate data of Yahoo Search Marketing & any other paid marketing campaign in Google Analytics, track your PHP files, Track your dynamic content & much more.

Read the rest of this entry »

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