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By | March 2, 2010

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Hello Friends,

To-day I came across an amazing site which enables us to measure / monitor the social media impact on specific keyword/ services /products. As we know that,Search Industry always keep improving, 10 years back ,we were talking about Google, then industry move one step forward to specific Directories search, then Other Search Engines & Now, we are talking about Social Media. Many companies now working towards “Brand Marketing” / “Reputation Management“. Companies & specifically Big Brands are working towards Social Media & much concerned about what people are saying about their brands. So, SEO & Web Analyst are started looking for options where they can monitor the activity & help companies to improve their identity on the web.

Social Media Monitoring : Whos talking

To-day , I just came across to this site & find it amazing. It really helps to track in majority of sites & that too “FREE”.

Check out : to experience your self.

Social Media Monitoring Site

Monitor your brand on social media

I just tried to check what people are talking about me on various social media & its impressively giving great result. I would suggest, just try it out 🙂 , Did you noticed any similar site ? Did you came across any such great tool which help to monitor & improve social media conversation about the brand then plz share in your comments. Lets help each other to get best out of the web 🙂

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