Twitter live feed in Google SERP


Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Google, Social Media | Posted on 04-01-2010

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Hello Friends,

Many of you to-day might have noticed that , Google is celebrating Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday by placing a special logo on the homepage. Well, I was searching more about it & I found some interesting things, well No, M not talking about research on Sir Isaac Newton, I am talking about Google SERP.

Twitter live feed in Google SERP

Well, when I searched about Sir Isaac Newton on Google, I have noticed that, Google Serp has live feed integration of Twitter & which is constantly updating without hitting the Refresh button. Yes, its really great, that simply means that you get the fresh result with live feed. Finally, Google has implemented the idea of live search feed integration. Following image explains it in a more better way.

Twitter live feed integrated in Google SERP

Twitter live feed in Google SERP

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