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Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Web Analytics | Posted on 29-12-2009

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Hello Friends,

I am back to ever changing search industry. Oh, some of you might wonder by the word I have use “I am back”, well, since last few days I was living in the different world 🙂 well don’t get me wrong, I got married in this month of December & enjoyed the honeymoon in average 2-3 C temperature, but it was really amazing cause of 2 reasons, first, I am with my better half & second, I am close to nature (realizing the beauty of creations by GOD, well Did I mentioned that I am religious too :P) Anyways, so I was in totally different world & now I am back to the world of SEARCH.

I was just going through the updates I have missed in last 3 weeks in the search industry, few of things were noticed, may be few I missed but overall no major update in this month. Well, this allowed me to go back to my old passion & interest i.e. Web Analytics. I have noticed that, few time back, there is a new buzz word going on in the filed of web analytics and that is , Web Analytics 2.0. So, To-day I just would like to share my few thoughts on Web Analytics 2.0

Web Analytics 2.0: Rethinking the Traditional Analytics Approach

Before I move ahead, let me tell you that, the concept of Web Analytics 2.0 is basically the outcome of a book by Avinash Kaushik. I am a big fan of Avinash & love the way he explains the complications of analytics in a simple way. You can refer his new book on Webanalytics 2.0 here.

Avinash explains the Web Analytics 2.0 in three easy steps,

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