SEO Ahmedabad : Looking for a new name


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Hello Friends,

To-day I just wanna say, THANK YOU 🙂

I am so lucky to get so much love & affection from my readers across the countries from different mods like Compliments in Comments, Twitter replies, Facebook status update replies, LinkedIn replies & lot more. Thank you guys, love you all 🙂

Looking for a new name…

You must be wondering right ?

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A new begining


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Hey Friends,

I have received so many responses after closing my blog. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for giving such a success to this blog & sharing your love & affection with me.

Its been really difficult for me to re-start my new blog at this stage, but by respecting all of your request, I have started blogging for one of the company on SEO. Very soon, I will be back with the personalized domain to contribute in the field of SEO, till then you can visit the another blog where I will keep posting on the SEO topic.

Yes, this the web-address of the new blog where you can find my blog posts related to SEO.

Once again, thank for all your kind support 🙂

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