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Posted by Amish Keshwani | Posted in Google, SEO | Posted on 06-06-2010

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Hello Friends,

Its been a month since I posted my last post on this blog & my mail box have flooded with the emails with complains that the blog is not getting updated. Well, I can not afford to let go my readers like that & hence here is some interesting post for you friends. No, Its not an ordinary article on “NoFollow” attribute, but this is purely based on my research which I have done as a part of my project recently. I would love to know your thoughts & experience about this. So, here you go.

How Google treats “No-Follow” attribute ?

Last week, I was working on an interesting project. The site is comparatively old but does not have a good PR for home page as well as internal pages. The main objective was to get the Service / Product pages in Google SERP ranking. So, I was working hard on back link analysis of successful pages as well as competitor websites which have good rankings in Google. I did good comparative analysis & found few strange patterns. Yes, you get it right, something strange in Backlink patterns. I studied the Google Webmaster Tool to get an idea of how Google treats backlinks patterns.

Now here the great surprise comes to me. I found that, Google shows hardly 10 links for a page which I am targeting & 4 out of 10 links are “No Follow” which has been shown in Google Webmaster Tool. STRANGE … Isn’t it ? As per the Google’s stand on rel=”nofollow”, Google crawler supposed to not follow that particular link. That simply means that, this link is just for the information of visitors & have no value in terms of Google Search Engine, so Why Google needs to count & show this backlink in Webmaster tool ?

On the contrary, I have very good other backlinks for the same page (backlinks from EZine & other reputed PR sites) which has been indexed & shown by Yahoo but Google is not showing up this high reputed backlinks & instead showing up the “No Follow” backlinks. So, Couple of queries arise in my mind. Read the rest of this entry »

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