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Hello Friends,

Hope all my Indian fellow readers have enjoyed the “Navratri” (Known as an Indian Dance Festival for 9 days) ended with a long weekend off from the work 🙂

Again, M back @ my work & was checking up with the updates in the last 3 days in SEO industry. I have come across a new Google service – Product Search Merchant Center. SO, I would like to share few thoughts about the same.

Google Introduced New Google Product Search Merchant Center

Recently, Google unveiled its new Product Search Merchant Center, basically a replacement of Google’s old comparison shopping services, Google Base. The new interface of Product Search Merchant center is more like Google base but with some improved visual navigation. Google has shared this news on his official Google Base blog. Also, the Big Mouth Media has shared this news on their site.

“If you submit products to Google, Google Merchant Center is now the place to upload your feeds, check on the status of your items, and get information on the performance of your listings.”

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