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By | November 9, 2017

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Hello Friends,

Well this topic is a very regular one & in past I haven’t came across any interesting facts which could made me really think but this one presentation by Dr. Pete Myers actually ignite that thought process in me & that’s the reason I wanted to share this really interesting PPT with you which is originally shared by Moz team.

I would recommend following Slides to go through atleast,

  • Slide no 13-14 – Talks about Local Search Results & how its impacting Google Home
  • Slide no 18-23 – Talks about how personlization of Google search is changing the way people surf
  • Slide no 27-35 – Shares How Ranking factors are changing
  • Slide no 39-45 – Refers how Google is spoon feeding by integrating devices search history. It also share multi-device  browsing patterns data for different industry. This is really interesting.
  • Slide no 48-62 – This one is my favorite that how power of voice search is bringing paradigm shift. This is very well illustrated with real life example.
  • Slide no 90-91 – Share an update about new feature about Google’s tabbed content for books & movies
  • Slide no 92-93 – And last but not the least, real life example how people are & will use google in 2018 & beyond.

SO, here you go & If you want to hear the Mozpod on this then you can checkout here

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