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By | May 19, 2016

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Hello Friends,

We are continuing with “SEO Project Inception” series. This is the 2nd part in the series ( you can check out SEO Project Management Part-1 as well) where I am trying to find out the cause of the query raised by my friends & giving a thought about possible solutions for the same. So, here we go.

  1. Can you suggest if Client is not ready for content and not providing blog, Articles or PR then how to convince them?
  2. Client needs all keywords on Top of the Google SERP (above wikipedia) and inquiries on daily basis without any changes to content or site. How to deal with this ?

Okey, All the above queries irritates us being a Professional in the field. But I think the route cause is the kind of company which offers the SEO / Marketing services.

Well, don’t get me wrong, but just put yourself in the shoe of a client. As a client you may be dealing with the company for Software right? You explain what kind of services you want, you pay the money & you get the software, Isn’t it ? Now, as a client you buy the maintenance as well where also you pay the money & get things fixed if any issue so that you can smoothly run your business.

Now, the same company offers the SEO, so what will you expect? Pay the money & get things done, Isn’t it?

So, I feel the issue is basically the culture we are associated with & not the clients. The same client take interest while getting everything Audited or giving all document to his CA or attending hours long meeting with his marketing head & account head on P/L impact. So, it’s not that client don’t want to take interest but I feel like it’s how industry treat them to expect.

For example, If you are opting for “Car mechanic services”, you expect that guy to fix everything, buy out whatever parts necessary, fix everything & give you the keys without interrupting you at all and all you need to do is pay him for that. But, when you are opting for “Doc” or “Legal services”, you can’t expect doc to get reports done for you or Legal counsel to do all processing without making you a part of that process & that’s the difference :-)

So, I feel that, Clients expect what we make them feel to expect & here word [we] refers to us – SEO industry professionals.

So, what’s the Solution now?


  • I feel that, educating the client with why you are asking something is very much important.
  • Realization of the fact that you are helping him to expand his business is what necessary to get things done & that can be done once you win the TRUST of the client.
  • Few examples which I have tried & got success,
  • Communicate the important updates with the client
  • Share some interesting facts about his industry with him
  • Share few interesting business lead ideas from competitors
  • Become genuinely interested in their business & share your concern
  • Share some Google updates & how it affects the client website with clear pointers
  • Prefer Marketing Head to be present during the reporting call. It will help.
  • Have you heard about “content curation” ? Use it till you get success in above steps

I hope this will help you guys to find the root cause of the issue we are facing & to a certain extent help us to deal with that. Keep reading & Keep googling till I come up with the next post in the series.

Oh yes, Any more questions are always welcome :)

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