LinkedIn updates on Short URL

By | May 19, 2016

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Hello Readers,

Ok, so today’s blog post is about LinkedIn change for short URL. I am sure, by now, you all are aware about the new LinkedIn policy updates related to LinkedIn groups & new changes to your linkedIn profile. But, I am prety sure that you might have missed this very important change of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn update on Short URL

Recently, I have observed that, Updated LinkedIn profile do not support few URL shorteners like Many of the links where URL shorten were used (specifically with free version) are getting broken & landing to error pages. However if you are still using an old profile, you might not have noticed this but with the new profile its giving error.

Possible Issues :

  • Your earlier links shared with might get broken (please cross check- its advisable)
  • tinyurl seems working so far but it may hit just like
  • If you are using LinkedIn mainly for marketing then this is alarming as you might need new strategy to share your long URLs.
Possible reasons :
  • One quick possible reason which I figured out is, there are few spamming techniques identified by LinkedIn where these URL shortner method used.
  • Even Google identified some suspicious activity with (check this link)

Possible Solutions :

  • Prefer Long URL – if possible
  • Create custom URL shortner (In case if URLs are too long)
  • Temporary solution – tinyurl is still working perfect, so you can use this (till its get hit)

Well, that’s all from my end. Its now your turn to do hit & trial. Awaiting for your responses & any alternative solution if you can suggest here for this issue.

Keep clicking, Keep sharing :)

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