10 ways to Improve Your Online Identity

By | May 19, 2016

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Hello Friends,

Recently, I was reading a beautiful article on Online Branding Tools & thought to share some insights of the article with all of you.

Just came across an awesome post by Anna Runyan on Classycareergirl.com. She has shared some notes from Shama Kabani’s presentation on Social media & Online branding for recent graduates & job seekers at Doster Leadership conference. Just added my 2 cents in each point based on my experience so far. Hope it helps to readers who want to improve their online identity.

10 ways to improve your Online Identity

So, here you go,
1. Listen to what is being said.

  • Listening what’s people are talking about you is the first step to build your online identity. How you can do that? Well there are 2 interesting tools that can help you out here.
  • Set up Google alerts for your name and monitor what is being said.
  • Use http://www.socialmention.com to search within networks and comments.

2. Clean up your profile.

  • Many times we share personal view/thought or respond someone in online media which might hart your Online Identity. So, it’s really important to track what we share in online medium. It creates your online reputation. How you can do that?
  • Download the simplewa.sh app on Facebook which will tell you what to clean up on your Facebook account. Make sure you change the app settings so that your friends can’t see what you do on your app.

3. Claim your Google+ page.

  • It’s the next BIG thing Google is promoting. Since Google+ is owned by google, it gives their social networks a boost in search rankings.
  • Also this helps if you have a blog, this will help you to setup an Author profile so that your Google+ author profile pic appears next to your blog post in Google Result pages.

4. Twitter hashtags>followers.

  • Hashtags are now more important than followers because people want to look at topics they are interested in.
  • Check out tweetchats in your industry because every industry has a tweet chat. Find yours and engage.

5. Embrace online video.

  • 64% of people will finish watching a video but only 24% of people will finish reading an article online. Use video to your advantage online.
  • In fact you can have a Video blog as well or Youtube channel too.

6. Have a strong LinkedIn profile.

  • Employers are going to LinkedIn. Ask professors and co-workers for recommendations.  Some employers won’t even need to call your references because they can already view them on your LinkedIn profile.

7. Branch out.

  • Have you heard about Visual resume? It’s really interesting. There are 2 tools which you can utilize for that.
  • Use vizify.com or visualize.me to make your resume more visually appealing.

8. Manage your online reputation.

  • Have you ever tried to enter your name in Google & checked which results are coming up for your name ? It’s really important because that’s what people do when they are searching for someone on web. Is there any tool for that?
  • Use Brandyourself.com, an online reputation management system that will tell you certain things that you can do to push good pages up and bad pages down on Google searches.

9. Create an editorial calendar for yourself.

  • Just creating an profile on social network Or creating a blog will not help much, To improve your online identity, you need to share your thoughts, learning/ ideas with the world around you , just like you do with your friends, here you just need to be more disciplined.
  • Have a calendar that shows when and what content you are going to share strategically.

10. Optimize with the right tools.

  • Be strategic about your messages that you want out there. Use tools to save your time & efforts for posting.
  • Use Postling.com to post updates across all social media platforms.
  • use bufferapp to tell you what the best times are to post your important content.
  • Ifttt.com (if this, then that) is a tech recipe for how to optimizing certain things. For example, every time you change a Facebook status it changes your LinkedIn status. If you post photos on Facebook, then it makes sure your computer backs up your photos to Dropbox.

If you are a professional, majority employers now use social media to screen candidates. Your friends are online, your parents are online, your employer is online, your relatives are online and that’s the reason Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter are so successful today because everyone is online today & EVERYONE is watching you online too just like you do. So make sure that you use these tips to create the best online brand that you can!

Just want to thank Anna Runyan for sharing this & Shama Kabani for this awesome tools/tips for Online branding.

How have you improved your online brand?

Original Source : classycareergirl.com

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