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By | August 21, 2010

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Hello Friends,

In last couple of months, I got a chance to meet few entrepreneurs, HR managers & Recruitment consultants. Most of them are complaining about lack of resources in the field of SEO/ Internet Marketing in Ahmedabad/Gujarat. I caught their meaning behind the casual talk & that is, Gujarat is lacking in quality human resources which can backbone the SEO Industry. Being in the Team Lead position since last couple of years, while taking interviews for the vacant positions in the companies, even I have realized that, many candidates which were appearing for the interviews needed some kind of refreshment in terms of knowledge & attitude towards their respective career in this rapidly changing industry.

After giving a deep thought, I realized that, just by raising concern & discussing, this issue will not going to resolve & someone needs to take initiative & start contributing to the industry in best possible capacity. Finally, after lot of consideration, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division of thoughts & feelings, I have decided to conduct a training session for the candidates who would like to advance their career in SEO & Internet Marketing Industry.

SEO Training in Ahmedabad

Well, I have decided that, this will not be every next door training classes or training institute for SEO, but this training will be very focused & limited to few people to meet the objective behind the training & meet the concept behind my decision. So, this training session will have certain limitations.


  1. To train the students with quality education & enable them with intellectual tools to explore their career path in the field of SEO.
  2. To help the SEO industry in Gujarat by identifying the current need of industry & deliver the market ready SEO curriculum so that, companies will get the desired candidates to run their business smoothly.
  3. To create pool of quality resource in Gujarat so that, we can move ahead to the next step & have conferences & camps like SES in Ahmedabad which are currently organized at Metros like Chennai, Hyderabad, Banglore & Mumbai.


  1. Start training session for beginners & offer market ready curriculum
  2. Organize training session for existing SEO professionals & enable them with the intellectual tools to grow their career in the industry.
  3. Team-up with existing like-minded people & start organizing small meet-ups to share the knowledge & create a culture of giving back to the society.

Next Step:

Journey of thousand miles begin with a small step and to start with that small step, I am glad to announce that, the first batch of SEO Training will start from 6th September,2010. Here are the few highlights of the training program.

  • No of seats : 05
  • Candidate Selection: Based on personal interview
  • Course Duration : 4 weeks (2 hours / day)
  • Who can attend :
  1. Fresh Graduates/ Post Graduates in BE, BCA, MCA, B.Sc-IT, M.Sc- IT who are interested in make their career in SEO.
  2. Marketing professionals who would like to shift their career to SEO & Internet Marketing
  3. Other graduates having technical knowledge about the industry & have passion to make career in SEO
  • How to apply: The selection of the candidates for this training program will be based on interview, so candidate who would like to attend this training program need to send their CV to
  • Faculty: It’s me ( Amish Keshwani ) – Just google it to know more.
  • Other Details: Other details like, Fees, Course Curriculum, Benefits of the training, Support Services & Training Center will be shared in the next post on coming Thursday. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or queries, please feel free to shoot me an email on my above given id.

I hope you must have thoughts & words to share about this idea, so please feel free to share your word with me & Stay tuned for the next update on this blog. Cheers 🙂

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