Twitter Update : Other Side of Business

By | July 23, 2010

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Hello Friends,

Innovative SEO is back again in action to update readers with his observations & learning 🙂 , its all your comments & motivation which makes me keep going, thank you friends for your unconditional support. Yes, Today, I am back with one more update about Twitter. I have observed few changes in Twitter, that is “Promoted Tweets”. Many of you guys have heard this back few weeks ago but it seems that now Twitter has implemented its business concept, after all they need to earn their bread & butter too 🙂

Twitter Update : Other side of business

I have recently observed that, Twitter has implemented two big changes in its layout as well as functioning areas. One is, as I said, Promoted Tweets. Now, When you login to your twitter screen on the web, on the right hand side column, under trending topics, you will notice the “PROMOTED” tag for any particular topic. Please refer the below image for more explanation.

Twitter Promoted Topics

When you click on that particular trending topic, it will take you to the promoted tweets for the same. It seems like, TWITTER is now moving towards on Google Way to earn the revenue from Advertising Module. It takes a dramatic turn while most of us were predicting that, Twitter might be a tough competitor for Google but, instead Twitter silently & slowly taking few turning step to create its own brand & start a seprate advertisng module.

Recently, Twitter has purchased a web analytics firm, so We may now expect some meaningful analytical data for paid advertiser of Twitter. To, Get more details on the Twitter paid makreting plan, you can simple check out the Twitter Help Center.

The second thing, which I have noticed is that, If any tweet which has been re tweeted for more than 100 times, it gets tagged in twitter & gain some value, still I am not sure how much priority & how it is treated by Twitter but, at least they have started Tagging. You can get better idea with following image.Those tweets are tagged as “TOP TWEETS” & may be those tweets are appearing on Twitters home page 🙂

Promoted Tweets on twitter

So, Friends, Have you noticed any other change in Twitter ? What do you think of this new business model of Twitter ? Do you feel that Twitter can be considered as paid advertising module for the Business runing on or its just for the big brands ? Please share your voice under comments, I am eager to hear your thoughts on this.

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