Facebook Update : New Look by Facebook

By | February 5, 2010

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Hello Friends,

Very Good Morning, wow, what a fresh morning this is, full of energy & updates as usual 🙂

Well, I am referring to the new layout offered by Facebook. Yes, once again, Facebook comes with simplified new layout for Facebook profiles. But, unlike last updates, this look is pretty simple & user friendly I can say. Personally, I like this new layout, easy to use, categorized & simple.

Facebook Update : New Simple Looks

Well, picture speaks a thousand words, so Why I need to say anything, let the picture speak.

Facebook Guide

New Facebook Layout

I hope you guys will also like this new look of facebook. Well, there are few features I specially like & think that it will very useful from user point of view are,

Left Menu Navigation : Well, in many of the websites we surf, the Left Menu navigation are used frequently & I think face book designers have noticed that, it is easy to use importantly successful till date for many websites. Its a kind of menu driven navigation.

Chat Window : No need to open the pop-up, it clearly shows who online & single click chat facility, this really helps.

New Facebook layout

New Facebook layout

Well, this is all about what I like about the new updates, but there is 1 more thing I really think should be changed, and that is Notification Updates just beside the Facebook logo. Yes, I think, they should have either highlight it or place them on the right hand side navigation. Well, suggestion comes for free 😛

What do you think ? Did you like this new layout ? Please share your views on this new layout on facebook 🙂

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