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By | January 27, 2010

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Hello Friends,

Wishing all my Indian blog readers a Very Happy Republic Day :), I hope you enjoyed & celebrated the same. Now, back to the business, I was just going through the regular tweets on my twitter account & I noticed one more update on Twitter. Twitter updated with the option to get trendy topics country specific.

Twitter goes local : Country specific Trends

If you are a regular twitter user, you might be aware about trends followed by # sign & the more it is used, it become the trendy topics of the day. Its a kind of attraction, but now it becomes more specific. You can now get country specific twitter trends.

Twitter Update 2010

Twitter Trends goes local

So, as you can see in the image, you can select your country from twitter page. But still, not all the countries are listed on twitter. May be, twitter is trying the beta version of this. But still, INDIA is not into the list of countries specified, and no option to add as well, I guess, twitter has listed the country which has more number of twitter users or who tweets from regular basis.

Twitter Trends Country Specific

Country Specific Twitter Trends

Now, this new trend of going local or country specific is giving few ideas for next update. May be, Twitter trends will be a part of Google Local Search in the near future, as Twitter has local specific trend topic available. Again, idea might be like Google to give Twitter trends for specific country , just like Google gives the top search query report for country, twitter might shows most trending topic for a specific country.

Twitter seems to be appearing as a tough competitor to Search Engines in a near future as its live search feed becomes the hottest trend in SEARCH industry. May be search pattern get divided in the future as Social media influence in purchasing a specific product is appearing very strong since last few months. So, may be Search Engine gets the share of users who are looking for information where as Twitter may get the share of users who want to contribute &/ looking for product/services purchase feedback. So, too many interesting secrets in the future of Search Industry for 2010 🙂

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