Google PR Update – First Google PR Update for 2010

By | January 21, 2010

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Hello Friends,

I was just checking up my twitter profile & suddenly I noticed the Google PR update for my Twitter profile. Its a surprise by Google as just in 1 month, Google has update its Google Toolbar Page Rank information 2 times. As always, this turn out positive for me & my Twitter profile got the PR of 4.

Google Toolbar PR Update

I have confirmed the same in many forums & sites as well. There is one site which gives us the confirmation of Google Toolbar PR updates, , you can also check it , below is the screen captured image of this site. You can observe the date & time mentioned when the Google toolbar PR update happened for January, 2010.

Google PR Update

Google Toolbar PR Update for January, 2010

As you can see that, the recent Google Toolbar update is observed on January 18th, 2010 & last checked on 21st January, 2010.

But What’s interesting in this Google PR update?

Well, for most of my client’s website has sustained their respective PR but, interesting thing is, Social Media Profile Or any site which have consistently updated the fresh content to its page has got the high PR. For example, take my Twitter profile, I have update the profile consistently with fresh feeds & interesting links (you can follow me @amishkeshvani on twitter) which was not considered during the last PR update, but with this update, my Twitter profile gain the PR-4.

Another interesting story is with the facebook, I regularly post updates on my Facebook profile but again, that has not been considered in PR update. There are few question in my mind going on right now about the Google updates, If you have any answers or response, please respond in Comment section.

1. Why only Twitter profile got the PR & Not the FB page/Profile when both have been updated regularly with similar kind of contents & links ? ( No duplicate content issue in this case)

2. In my earlier post I have mentioned that, You can observe live Twitter feed in Google top SERP (for few keywords now) but that is not the case with Facebook profile pages or group updates which is also updated regularly with useful details ?

3. In Google SERP for certain keywords, my Facebook profile comes up & even my facebook fan page comes up despite of NO PR but my twitter page is not coming up though it has PR-4 , Whats the reason ?

Well, I am applying my thoughts on this & doing research to get the answers of these questions, but if you have observed similar issues or have some clue to respond these queries, I would appreciate if you can share it in comment section 🙂

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