Google Caffeine Update : SERP Dance

By | January 8, 2010

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Hello Friends,

To-day, I was just checking up the SERP rankings for my client website & noticed something unusual. Yes, for few keywords SERP rankings were literally dancing for different data centers. I also checked the various forums of SEO & Webmasters & observed that, people are talking about this, but no one is sure that whats going on. Some believes that, this is all awaited Google caffeine update & some denying it with their own set of arguments, but one thing is for sure that, something going on in the Google data center.

Is it Google Caffeine Update or just a routine update ?

Well, this is the One big question webmaster asking to-day in various forums & threads on the web. A lot of discussion going on with the experience & analysis by respective individuals. Well, I will say that, lets have a look at quick update whats going around the SERP.

  • SERP rankings are dancing for the same keywords
  • Seems blogs are getting priority on the business website listing
  • Local listings are messing up
  • Few data centers shows the dancing results whereas few data centers are stable

So, What it is exactly ?

Well, I think, its a Google Caffeine update. I consider it because of 3 reasons.

  1. Matt said that, after Holiday they will implement Google Caffeine on all other data centers
  2. Google dance is normally noticeable when Google update every data center with some algorithm changes, Google Caffeine is not only algo change but its a total infrastructure change, so it will take time to reflect & implement changes & this may be the one reason we notice the Google dance.
  3. It has affected various updates over a period of time, be it Twitter live feed in SERP, giving preference to the blog post according to last update date, local listing or keyword relativeness index, it has implemented changes over a period of time & consistently, so, its more kind of infrastructure change & soon I am expecting SPEEDY SERP listing as part of this series of changes.

So, based on the above 3 reason, I believe that, this is a Caffeine update & not a normal Google update in data center. What do you think ? Hows your website dancing on Google ? Have you notice something else ? Please share your thoughts & observation on this update. Looking forward to hear you in comments 🙂

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