3 ways to find Do Follow blogs

By | January 12, 2010

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Hello Friends,

I was just exploring the ways to do a link building activities for one of my client. The one activity which I haven’t implemented for that site was getting links from Do-Follow blogs. Now, you might be aware about searching blogs using the certain keywords in Google, but how about identifying some source which can work for you & give you a list of DO-Follow blogs ? WOW… Isn’t it. Well, then get ready to note, I am going to share the 3 secret tips for getting list of Do-follow blogs for your domain / keyword.

3 ways to find Do Follow blogs

Well, I hope you guys are ready to get it down. So, here it goes,

1) DoFollowBlogs.com :

Yes, this is more easier way. This is a directory which had a database of Do follow blogs & it is placed in respective category. So, just identify your category, get the list of Do-Follow blogs & start getting links 🙂

URL : http://www.dofollowblogs.com/

2) Do follow blog Engine :

One more directory that helps you to find the Do-follow blogs easily. This is more like a search engine & works on your keywords. You can try it out your self.

URL : http://www.rajaietalks.com/do-follow-blogs

3) Find Do Follow Blogs :

This is a search engine to find Do-follow blogs but this again work differently, you need to put your search terms & your email id in the given box & on submit, they will email you the auto generated list of Do-follow blogs, I have tried it few months back, but I hope it still works good, you need to try it out to check your self

URL : http://www.seo-traffic-guide.de/

I hope these resources will help you to find the “Do-follow” blogs more easily than the traditional methods. Please do share your opinion on this resources & any other sources you have come across to find the do-follow blogs.

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