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By | December 4, 2009

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Hello Friends,

To-day, I have observed a new lookout of LinkedIn & few good marketing tools offered by LinkedIn. The new user interface is more gives a feeling like Facebook / twitter, thought not exactly similar but at least gives a look/feel effect of the same. Since last couple of days , it seems that every social media is trying hard to be competitive & roll out new changes which attracts more users & provide extra widget to its users to sustain & improve the client base.

LinkedIn New User Interface

Well, as I say, its gave me look & feel of facebook though it has maintained its own structure. Please have a look at the below image,

New User Interface by LinkedIn

New User Interface by LinkedIn

As you can see in the image, the new user interface is more clean & simple as compared to last one. Though linkedIn has not yet implemented this user interface in all accounts but, it seems that, slowly it is getting implemented in all the accounts, so it may possible that you might see these changes in next week for your LinkedIn account. Secondly, there is another important facility given by Linked In which really help in branding concept.

LinkedIn Tools

We might have explored the LinkedIn as a professional profile but very few of us have explored the various tools offered by the LinkedIn. I just wanna give intro to various tools offered by LinkedIn.

Mobile compatibility

Linkedin is now on iPhone

Mobile - LinkedIn compatibility

As you can see in the image, now LinkedIn offers mobile compatibility. Now you can access your LinkedIn profile from any mobile which have access to web. Explore more about this on your linkedin profile.

LinkedIn tools for marketing

LinkedIn Tools Options

Beside the mobile compatibility, there are various other tools offered by LinkedIn to promote your linkedIn profile which help you to do self branding. You can explore all about this options by selecting TOOLS option in your linkedin account.

Well, One thing I have observed since last couple of days that, various popular social media channels are bringing up lot more updates & changes in their existing setup be it, faclight, twitter add on by LinkedIn, new user interface by LinkedIn – facebook, Twitter – LinkedIn & wordpress – Twitter-Yahoo Buzz integration for sharing updates or even Google Social Search. Seems, Social media will going to influence the Search Industry in a major way. Technology keeps changing but the way Social Media is changing up & gearing in speed, it is like NEVER BEFORE, SEO & Social media practitioners like you & me have to work hard (smartly) now to keep up with these updates & adopt it before they go away.

“Learn, Unlearn & Relearn thats the call of To-Day’s technology world” 🙂

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