Yahoo Site Explorer Update

By | November 6, 2009

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Hello Friends,

Just noticed few updates in Yahoo Site Explorer (Yahoo webmaster tool) & thought being SEO/ Webmaster you might be interested in the same. After noticing the changes, I have referred the official Yahoo blog to confirm the same.

These changes will enable us to get more details about the data of our site with Yahoo & how this might impact in Search Engine Result pages of Yahoo.

Yahoo Site Explorer Update : Key Terms, Delicious, Search Monkey update

As, the title suggest, Yahoo site explorer has added few more data for webmasters in its Site Explorer. Lets have a look at the below image to get more idea.

Yahoo Webmaster Tool Update

Yahoo Site Explorer Update

Let’s take one by one,

  • Key Terms: Displays a list of all the Yahoo Search key terms.
  • Delicious Activities: Shows total number of bookmarks in Delicious bookmarking site
  • Top Delicious Tags: Tags which have used in delicious bookmarks for your site.
  • SearchMonkey Objects: List of your SearchMonkey objects. Things like – documents, videos, games, news, events and more.

I am using Yahoo site explorer mainly because, I love the back link information it gives for a particular site. It helps me a lot to do the research work. With this, new updates, it is providing more details for Delicious & Search monkey which add one more flavor in the research πŸ™‚

But, just a simple query in my mind, Why Yahoo has updated this tool after merging its search engine with BING. I mean, now there is no reason to give more facilities to the webmaster as BING has taken a charge & webmasters are expecting such change from BING and not the Yahoo. This updates in Yahoo Webmaster tool creates questions in the minds of webmasters & SEO like me. Wondering & reasoning, still confused πŸ™ ! What do you think? Please share your thoughts on this update.

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