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By | November 11, 2009

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Hello Friends,

To-day I was just checking up my Twitter profile & luckily found one more update. Since last couple of months luckily my profile is randomly picked by twitter to allow new experiment which are going @ twitter. 🙂

RT Update at Twitter Profile

I just noticed that, now my friends whom I follow on twitter, their RTs are now visible on my profile. Confused ? May be the following image will help me to explain me in a better way.

Re-Tweet Update in twitter profile

RT update in Twitter Profile

As you can see in the image, one of my friend whom I follow has do the RT & now that RT is visible to me without RT before the post.


1) I can see more RT which my friends do & some interesting posts which my friends follow. In this way, it allow me to directly follow those people & reversal. It will help to grow the network on twitter.

2) You can save at least 4 characters as 4 spaces are deducted from the post (R,T,@ & Space) so, 4 more characters for RT. Now, you need not to short your tweet by 100 characters in order to keep provision for multiple RTs.

3) It will also show, amongst the people you follow, how many other people have done the RT for this. For ex, 5 people have done RT, than you must check out as it must be something interesting, Isn’t it ?

4) It gives marketers a new way to grow the network on twitter. More network, more RTs, more followers, more spread link (something similar to Stumble) 🙂

Well, great move Twitter guys, I love you twitter for being so creative & innovative 🙂

Do you observes such changes in your profile too ? , What do you think, how you can leverage the benefits other than listed above ? Awaiting to hear more from you guys !

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