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By | November 4, 2009

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Hello Friends,

Well, Many of you might know that I am fan of Web Analytics & love to study & analyze the figures of the analytics data. There are several analytics tool, but I love Google & so Google Analytics is again one of my preferred free analytics tool. To-day, I was just checking up with updates going on in the analytics & found some interesting things & thought to share with all my readers.

Recently, Google Analytics has updated the tracking method & now, you can easily track, multiple Google Adwords account data, Even integrate data of Yahoo Search Marketing & any other paid marketing campaign in Google Analytics, track your PHP files, Track your dynamic content & much more.

Google Analytics Update : Track your dynamic page, multiple Google Adwords account, Sub-domains & many more

Well, You don’t need to do anything special to track all of this & thats the beauty of this update 🙂

If you login to your analytics account, on settings tab you will find all these updated settings. Lets have a look at these updates.

Google Analytics Tracking Code guide

Google Analytics Code Update

As you can see in the image, lets go step by step about this Google Analytics update.

1) What are you tracking :

This option allows you to track Single domain Or Single domain having multiple sub-domains Or diff top level domains.

Benefit : Now, you don’t need to have separate analytics account or create a filter for tracking the data of your sub-domain. All this will be taken care by Google., Isn’t it ?

2) Paid Campaign Data :

This option allows you to track your existing Adwords data and/or add campaigns data from other providers like Bing/Yahoo to track their performance using Google analytics and/or Any other viral campaign which ask you to put their code on the site. All this now will be taken care by Google. Sounds great 🙂

Benefit : Now all your paid campaign is under one tracking source, so its easy to do comparative analysis. Now you can measure the performance under one account & take benefit of all reporting tools like Advance reporting & segmentation for a comparative analysis for other accounts also.

3) Tracking Dynamic Content :

Now this options allows you to track the Dynamic content and/or PHP pages on the site. Till now, we need to use advance filters for tracking the dynamic content & even for dynamic pages for easy identification, now all that be taken care by Google.

Benefit : Now, we have more control on the tracking of dynamic content, interactivity by users on dynamic pages & detailed analysis to identify the areas of improvement.

4) No changes at user end :

Google has introduced all these changes but the beauty of this change is , user need not to take any extra care for this changes. S/he need to paste the code given by Google, as s/he used to do in the past. This is a great help for the end users who are not technically advance & still want to gain the benefits of Google Analytics.

5) Email the instruction :

You still find it complicated ? 🙁 & need more clear instructions about implementing code in your site ? well, Google have provided the option for the same. Email the instruction to your email id so that you can read it or forward it to your webmaster or save for the future reference whatever your choice is 🙂

I am really impressed by this advancement in Google Analytics. In my opinion, Google Analytics is the best tool in the free analytics tool category as it has provided much flexibility to its users & now many companies like Tatvic has offered the plugins for the same to do more flexibility. Even, many iphone development companies have started to offer Google Analytics iPhone applications for webmasters & site owners.I just love Google Analytics & enjoy the flexibility given by Google to get the real meaning behind your stats, and that too FREE 🙂

How about you ? Did you observed anything more in this update ? Whats your opinion about Google analytics ? Feel free to share your opinion on this update 🙂

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