Twitter List : New Twitter Update

By | October 27, 2009

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Hello Friends,

To-day I was just checking up with my twitter account & found an awesome facility offered by Twitter. This will help us to follow important tweets by people whom we follow & love to hear from. I just loved this : ) Thank you twitter 🙂

The facility is : Twitter List

Twitter List : New Twitter Update

Well, as many of you who are using the twitter must know that, in twitter the user interface is such that, all latest tweets appear on the first page & if you want to check the older tweets you need to go & click more every time you want to check.

In our social circle, we have lot many peoples from different industry & same with Twitter, We follow number of people all from different background & industry. Many a times it happens that, few people are using the twitter extensively & with their updates we lost few updates posted by other people whom we follow.

Twitter List

How to create list in Twitter

Now, Using twitter list we have a facility to create a list & categorize the people whom we follow. As you can see in the image, We can create a public or private list where we can invite other people or add existing names from following. It’s as easy as to follow any person on twitter, just a click away.

I have tried to create a twitter public list for SEO updates.

You can check it out :

I just loved this update by Twitter, How about you ?

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