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Hello Friends,

To-day I just wanna say, THANK YOU 🙂

I am so lucky to get so much love & affection from my readers across the countries from different mods like Compliments in Comments, Twitter replies, Facebook status update replies, LinkedIn replies & lot more. Thank you guys, love you all 🙂

Looking for a new name…

You must be wondering right ?

Well, To-day, I was just thinking about “What Should be the right title of this blog ? “, as now, this blogs has readers around the world, & with the power of web 2.0 & thanks to social media, people are getting frequent updates from this blog, so now its not only limited to “Ahmedabad” or the SEO of Ahmedabad. Now, this blog have a readers from the International community. So, I am thinking to change the name of this blog , something which truly represent this blog in its real sense, which speaks about the objective behind this blog (to serve the SEO & Internet Marketing community at a large)

And then, I thought who can help me out in this mission ? and you know what, something blinks in my heart (yup, not in my mind but in my heart 😛 ) and I got the answer.

Its YOU my friend, who is reading this blog regularly, who have motivated me to restart my blog, who have share unconditional support & love towards this blog. Its YOU who can suggest the best name for this blog.

And now, some special gift for this great help from me 🙂

You can share the NAME FOR THIS BLOG in comments section for this post. Me & my best buddy will pick up the best of the best names you have suggested & which truly satisfies the mission & objectives of this blog and the winner will get an exclusive ebook on SEO which I personally use & prefer 🙂

So, Friends, come on, We are waiting for your suggestions, I need your help on this, Its the time when you need to contribute for this blog.

15th October,2009 is the date on which we are going to select the name from your suggestions, so friends think smart & share your suggestion, I am waiting….

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