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Hello Friends,

Thanks for posting your suggestions for the new name for this blog. Please keep posting & you can share as many names as you want. I will consider all. I must say, I found few really good names but I am looking for Best of the Best 🙂

Anyways, I am back to my business again. To-day I am going to talk about one more update from the Google. Google is known for the updates. Every few days we used to hear some news from the Google. Few days back Google has introduced “Search Options” in the Google Search. As we all know it includes various key features like Search according to type of results, timeline, Wonder Wheel & more. That’s really good from User point of view. But what’s there which effect more from SEO point of view? I believe, “Rich Text Snippet” is the most important thing as far as SEO is concerned as Google is considering keywords which appear in this Rich Text Snippet.

Google’s New Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Most of the SEO & Webmaster had a common complain that, there is no way to know that what their websites Rich snippet were going to look like until they actually appeared in the search results..

But now, Thanks to Google’s new Rich Snippets Testing Tool that this problem has now a solution.

You can now preview what your website’s rich snippets will look like in real time search results and make sure you have all your code in order.

This tool also shows you the rich snippet code that a site has in place. That means, if your site doesn’t have rich snippets code than you can add them in your site. The below image explains the same.

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

How to Use this tool:

It’s pretty simple. Put that URL into this tool and check out the code that the site is using. Take that code, edit it to reflect the facts about your business, and then just add it to your own page’s code. There you have it, now you have rich snippets too.

Who is eligible for Rich Snippets:

Currently, review sites and social networking/people profile sites are eligible. Google is planning to expand Rich Snippets to other types of content in the future.

How do I get Rich Snippets to show up for my site:

Well, Still confused? No worries, Google have setup the Help for you to use this. Please refer the Google Help Page.

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