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Hello Friends,

After Diwali celebrations, its now time to back to work & getting back to the track in the world of SEO. Well, I was just checking up with current updates which I missed in last 3 days of festival time & I have something cool to share with you guys.

Google Social Search is Coming, Bing Twitter Search, Google -Twitter Partnership

I am sure, you guys are excited to read this now, so here it goes.

Recently, Google is experimenting few new stuff in the Google labs. During the Web 2.0 summit, Marissa Mayer (from Google) has announced about Google Social Search. I didn’t get much about how exactly it will look alike or what will be the user interface but found some interesting information on Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan.

TechCrunch has summarize the remarks of Mayer:

“There’s a new Google product called Social Search that is launching in Google Labs. This is a new feature that allows you to see results for queries from people in your social network. This works by using your Google Profile. If you fill it out with the other social networks you’re a member of, such as FriendFeed, Google will scan who you are connected to and give your results from those people.”

Well, What I understand from this is, say for example, I have a Google Profile. On that page, I’ve listed my various social media account. So, now, When I sign into Google, Google has all information about me including Google profile, What I am tweeting, What is my latest status on IM, What is my current status on Facebook, What I am doing on LinkedIn, What recent photos I have uploaded on the youtube & all Social media stuff I am doing & associated with Google. Now, after login, when I search, it can offer to show me web pages that are related to other people in my all social networks. Suppose, if I search relating to SEO, because I follow many people in this industry , I’d get back both “organic / regular search results “ as well as those that are from social network. notes that Mayer said these would appear at the bottom of regular search pages.

There are many questions arises with this announcement in my mind. One of the main question is, how google will get the data from third party tool like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. There are many more,
– What exactly will Google do with the Twitter data.
– Do we get a dedicated Twitter search engine like Bing Twitter Search launched today?

Well, Question, Questions all around and that made me think about the real time search concept. Experts says that knowledge is getting doubled every day or may be at every few hours & being a Search Engine, primary goal is to provides access to all users to all updated knowledge. This was expected from Google sooner or later as to be in the top it’s mandatory for any search engines to provide access to as much data available & that creates one more need to get that new data every second. Twitter, Facebook are the few I consider the biggest source of knowledge, so If Google gets the User generated content in real time search than it serves multiple purpose, large database, fresh content, related content & much more.

But, than again being a SEO, I questioned about SERP,

– How it going to effect the Organic result,
– Real time search is easy to spam, what are the precaution Google will take?
– Do crawlers really work on keywords as in user generated content it’s difficult to get the related keyword density?
– Will the concept of LSI be enhanced?

Well, I had given some thoughts about it,

– With the real-time search implementation, now it will be important for business to have Social Media presence. Companies which are till now reserved from Social media, now needs an expert who can address the issue with real sense which help them in SEO as well as in Social Media marketing.

SEO professionals need to be now go one step forward & learn the etiquette of social media (just not to spam Or flood the wall of facebook of their networks but generate real time content with the right keywords)

– Tracking will also be important, with real time search implementation, I predict that, Google may feel the need to enhance the capabilities of Google Analytics as well so that Webmasters can trace the more details & work in right direction (In a way provide more content to Google to help both 🙂 )

– Back links will still play a role but I guess that it will be in other form now. Traditional link building strategies will not be of much help now & new concepts of link baiting will play a crucial role in generating the concepts as well as links.

Relevance will also play an important role in delivering the Search Results. I think, the SERP will vastly change for Personalized Search. (Personalized Search is something when you search after signing in using your gmail id)
Well, Still the thoughts are going on & I can visualize something great but then I think I should wait & observe the response on this new experiment by Google But must say I am excited with this concept & it will make the life of SEO more challenging as Business in the online work now require more efforts to improve the visibility. What about you? Do you think the new experiment will help Google to make search experience better Or Will it going to be versed as there are possibilities of spamming, security & hacking ?

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