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Hey Friends,

I was just checking up the new updates going on in the Social Media Industry and I am referring to one of my favorite blog Mashable (The Social Media Guide). I am really amazed by the idea of new iPhone application shared here. It made me thinking that, how much a social media is making the people addicted to the web.

Though personally I like this application & it’s really cool to have & moreover its FREE !!! Ok, let me tell you more about this application.

At the DEMO 2009 , a company namely CallSpark, has launched an iPhone application.

What’s so special : It changes the way we used to do the phone calls

How : It integrates social experience by pulling in social media information about anybody you’re calling from the sites like facebook, linkedin & twitter.

What exactly it does ?

This iPhone application has 2 important features.

1. Find a phone number from the Web: This works like a search engine in itself.

If you want to call your friend but you don’t have his/her phone number then this application will give you a help. It will find out the details through white pages, yellow pages, Facebook , linkedin, Salesforce and more that relate to the person you were searching for. It then uses GPS to help rank the results so that you get the most relevant. COOL …isn’t it ?

Now, it gives you more than that,

2. Social media information:

Now, since you got the phone number of your friend & you are calling him, but imagine before making a call to him/her, you can get the details about his mood… Is he busy, working somewhere, or just waiting for you to call him… WOW, isn’t that will be a dream ?…With this application, now, when you call a friend, it will display their Facebook status, LinkedIn update and Salesforce info, and even their latest tweet.

Now, How about a business call with this application ? This can help you figure out the past history of the client you’re calling so you have the edge.

Excited to have a demo ? Yes me too 🙂

Here’s the video:

What about the WEB PRIVACY then ?

What do you think? Will you be OK if someone can snatch you personal information to anyone ? Anybody can see & follow you closely. What can be the next step if this go successful ?

Well, my opinion says, every invention has both the sides 🙂 but I feel there should be some governing body for the web, What do you feel ?

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