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Hello Friends,

After a period of about 6 months, I am back to blogging 🙂

I would like to thank you to all who have motivated me to restart the blogging on “SEO Ahmedabad” , thank you guys for your word of appreciation, your love & support 🙂

I will try my best to keep you guys informed with the all latest advancement in the industry, though the SEO world has changed a lot in these last 6 months with power of web 2.0 & social media, still I think, “SEO Ahmedabad” has maintained its place in the heart of its readers… love you friends for that unconditional support 🙂

So, to-day I would like to share one update about the Google Documents.

Google Document Will Appear In Search Result Pages

Google is planning to start crawling & indexing the published Google documents in search result pages. On 18th September,09, in the help forum for Google docs , one of the Google employee shared this news that, about in 2 weeks, Google is planning to make the Google documents visible in the Search Engine Result Pages.

Now that triggered few points from SEO part,

  • Is the link placed in documents will be “follow” or “No Follow”
  • Will that became another way for spamming?

  • What about the content part & the authority part?
  • How google deal about the issue of duplicate content in this case?

Well, I guess soon Google will respond to these parts as well but till then we have a time guys to play with it 🙂

“In about two weeks we will be launching a change for published docs. The change will allow published docs that are linked to from a public website to be crawled and indexed, which means they can appear in search results you see on and other search engines.”

Worried ??? What about your Google calendar then, your presentations, all will be crawlable by google ?

Yes these are the few questions which has threaten to me as well, but nothing to worry about. Google says that, they will only crawl those documents which have been marked public by individual.

“Please note that this only applies to docs which you explicitly publish using the ‘Publish as web page’ or ‘Publish/embed’ option, and which are linked to from a publicly crawled webpage. This doesn’t apply if it’s only set to ‘Allow anyone with the link to view (no sign-in required)’.”

Now on social note, I feel that, Google is taking more control on the web Or I can say the data published on the web. Remember, few months back, people were literally struggling & sending mails to google & finding ways to remove their personal information from Google SERP.

I think, in a longer run, addicted to Google will be harmful for an individual but then Is there any choice ??? Being “Searchable” is the need of every business to-day as Google is the king in Web Search, being “Googled” is the necessity too What do you think ?

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